Apache Jct Water Softeners

Culligan has been a groundbreaker in the water treatment industry since 1936. We’re in over 1,000 locations from coast-to-coast and worldwide, so chances are there’s an experienced Culligan Man right in your neighborhood. From Apache Jct water softeners to bottled water delivery, Culligan is here to serve all of your water treatment needs. You can trust our cutting-edge water treatment systems to provide your family with refreshing water.

Hard water may already be causing several problems in your home that can be reduced or solved with the use of a Culligan water softener. What are some of the signs that you have hard water? Some signs are the build up of an off-white scale in your plumbing, decreased life or efficiency of appliances that use water, and family members’ dry skin and hair. The Medalist Series is perfect for small spaces because it integrates right into your plumbing, while the Gold Series is more practical for average households. Households that wish to save on electricity and salt costs will love our High Efficiency Water Softener.

Through our Home and Office Delivery (HOD) program, we also offer bottled water delivery. You’ve got your option of several types of water, including demineralized water and spring water. You choose the schedule for delivery and let us do the rest. We’ll drop off your new bottles, pick your old ones up for recycling, and even maintain and sanitize your water cooler.

Water softeners and drinking water delivery programs are just two of the outstanding products and services Culligan offers. Other useful products for your home include salt-free water softener alternatives and whole house water filtration systems. OOur local representatives are trained to test your water and recommend the most effective solutions to bring the best water into your home. And we’re dedicated to ensuring Apache Jct Culligan customers experience the same great customer service we pride ourselves on worldwide. Call your local Culligan Man to discuss your needs today.

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